Thursday, February 2, 2017

Crushing Blue

Hi All,

This week I have spent many hours in my eldest daugther's room planning, prepping and decorating.  Her wish was a more grownup space, a little more removed from usual  color pink we have done  in all her rooms.  Somewhat reluctantly I obliged,  I  do love a pretty pink room, but I understanded her need for a color scheme change.  So she chose blue and I couldn't be happier.  It reminds her of the ocean and so many wonderful memories at the beach with her cousins.
I began with the paint, although I have read that painting should come last in the decorating process. She has a desk and bedding already and in the interest of staying within a budget we decided to keep these intact.  Choosing a color paint for the walls would have to work with what she currently owns.
 At the moment I am finishing up with the panels and plan to paint one accent wall a deep shade of blue, called Respite.  Danielle is excited, she can't wait to see that bold shot of color in her room.
All this blue talk has me dreaming of beautiful shades of blue in all the rooms in our home.  There is a plethora of  blue decorated rooms  on the web to take as inspiration.  Take a look at the  below images.  My  hope  is that you are  inspired  and take some ideas into your spaces.

Martyn Lawrence Bullard

Pretty Pastel Blue with Blush and textured linen
Andrews Design

Just a beautiful mix of blues.

Frank Roop Design Interiors

Martyn Lawrence Bullard

Interesting seating arrangement with the turquiose sofa and mix of beautiful fabrics.
Eliza Dyson

Rachel Halvorson Designs

Love William's Instagram Feed.  Isn't his Living Room dreamy, minus the turtle though.

William Mclure

Stunning Blue and white chinese porcelein with woven baskets

Tory Burch's Home 

Pairing of Moody Blue and Purple mixed with Dark Woods.  So cozy.  I could read in here all day.
Victoria Hagan

Kips Bay Designer Home.  Don't forget the 5th wall. Beautiful pairing of the gold leaf ceiling and deep blue.
Markam Roberts
Fun-filled girls' bedroom with pattern and color play.  A room that will  grow with a young girl to the teen years. The navy blue  gives the room an extra burst of color.
Not sure of original source

Thanks for following along and see you soon with pictures of Danielle's newly decorated bedroom.


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