Saturday, February 11, 2017

Our Builder Grade Kitchen and Kitchen Trends

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 We purchased a home a few months back in VA, closer to family and the shore. We opted to buy a home relatively new with standard builder grade finishes since it was all our budget could afford. I figured over time we would add our touches, personalize the space to our liking and probably stick to a budget since we would be up for a few DIY projects. Admittedly, we outsourced quite a bit over the past few months mostly bathroom work since I am a little uncertain of my tile and plumbing skills, but then we come to the kitchen. I wanted to restain our dark espresso cabinets, but was told over time the off white paint color that I so badly wanted would show through with normal wear and tear. Much to my initial disappointment, we decided to leave well enough alone and tackle those things that would ultimately be a better use of our finances. So the espresso cabinets are staying, but granite, backsplash, reworking an island and possibly changing out hardware will hopefully give our kitchen the updates we desire. Over on instagram and it appears much over the web the trends seem to be moving away from the all white kitchens. In my humble opinion, a white or off-white kitchen will always be a classic, but I honestly am thankful for the resurgence of dark painted cabinets and dark wood kitchens. I think the typical English Kitchen with a vintage flair might be popular here in the States for awhile. We tend to see with a modern English Kitchen, dark cabinets, unlaquered brass hardware, simple lines, shelving for knick knacks and dishes. I think it is a homey feel, comforting and a return to the basics. What are your thoughts? So you think this trend might have staying power here in the States. Below are some images I recently pulled from the Web and Instagram, mostly for researching for our kitchen, but thought I would share with you all. Take and look and let me know what you all think.

Painted Cabinets with Natural Woods

I like the copper with the stainless steel

Pretty Cottage kitchen

So pretty

Our Kitchen with that vintage edit from the iPhone.

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