Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Random Photos of the House and Other Sitings

Hi Everyone,

 Unfortunately, this home did not come with a large mudroom off the garage. We sacrificed for a larger kitchen and a relatively large garage. The girls store most of their shoes and sports equipment in the garage, so I have just made do with a small wall to hang a narrow shelf and a few hooks. I started with a clean slate, no color and no holes to fill, so that did make it a little easier and less time consuming.  Color went up on the walls.  Its a small space, so I opted for bold.  The girls hang their backpacks on the hooks so the dark color hides imperfections and scuffs from the backpacks, coats etc.

The before

Next, I purchased a small narrow wooden shelf from home depot, stained and waxed the surface and hang up after a couple of hours drying time.  

Products used for the shelf 

Positioned the hooks and added a medium-sized basket for collecting odds and ends.  Viola and it's done! It may be small, but  it's functional and does keep clutter off the floor.   I apologize for the pics.  It's certainly a tough angle to photograph!

Closeup:Deep Green and Peacock Blue are a beautiful combination

Changing topics we made progress in the kitchen this week.  After replacing the granite, we  added a brick mosaic backsplash to compliment the granite.  The tiles were a clearance buy, so I couldn't help use them even I deviated from my original backsplash design.  The kitchen is mostly complete, barring a few more items and of course the pretty knick knacks that make a space sing and help to personalize.

What a bargain!  Over at Ann Taylor this morning I noticed a wonderful sale.  Here are a couple of their options.  These two items are both $28 a piece.  

I hope your week is treating you well so far.   Thanks for following along and making me a small part of your day.


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