Friday, November 6, 2015

Tutorial for a London Shade


Hi Everyone,

   Well, we are all moved into our home, barring for a few small projects we are feeling relatively settled.  The kiddos are adjusting well to their new home and surroundings, thankfully!  Building a home certainly has its challenges, but seeing the  girls happy and comfortable makes it all worth it.

 In a few of the rooms I called a professional to install blinds, but for the most part I would like to tackle each room slowly, by adding roman shade or something similar to dress the windows.  My first project was the London Shade.  It provides privacy and light control, however we will not be lifting the shade too much, which  allows for an easy application, which I will share below.
   Below are the supplies I used for my Project

Now to measure the window and fabric requirements for My project,  Yours will look different depending on your size window, but the hem allowance, ruffle allowance, and pleating will look the same.  Hopefully that is clear.

1.) Now we have determined the length and width.  Cut your fabric and lining to size and turn in        your bottom hem 6"(I recommend double turning your hems) and your side hem 2".

Double hem all sides for a total of 6" on the bottom and 2" on the sides.

2.) Measuring for the 2 pleats on each side of the london shade can be tricky and time consuming, but      once you get the hang it, it's simple and so pretty.  I think it give the shade a custom feel and helps       with the folding after its hang correctly.
              a. measure 6" from one width side to the other.  Also making sure to mark 6" 
                 throughout the length of  the panel. This will eliminate or reduce error when pleating.          
              b. fold from third 6"mark to the 5th

            c.  This is how the shade will look from the back once all the pleats are pinned into place.

3.)  Optional step: I added pre-made piping for a custom look.  Pin into place, then sew.

Premade Piping pinned into place making sure the pleats stay in place and folded evenly.  In this picture the pleats on the right-side are fused together. I made sure to keep the pleat from overlapping.

Stitch the Austrian Tape down the middle of the two pleats. Making sure to stitch from the top of the bottom hem line about 3/4 up the length of the fabric, or about 10 inches from the top.

Now screw in the 2 x 4 to the window frame (either outside or inside mount). Pictured, I stapled the rough edge of the velcro to the 2 x 4.

Add  two screw eyes  12 inches from the edge and 1 additional screw eye 2 inches from the right edge.

At the bottom of the shade pull the cords of the Austrian Tape (pictured) to ruffle the fabric. Evenly pull the cords on both sides. Now  firmly tie the cord to the bottom ring (pictured)  and thread through the all  plastic rings.  We are almost done!

3.) Pull the Roman Shade Cord through the screw eyes attached to the 2 x 4 and feed all the the cords through the screws. Do not leave any cords loose, all the cords should be pulled through the screw eyes.  Please make sure your cords are long enough before cutting.

4.) Add the cord condenser to the bottom of the cords to prevent fraying and wrap the cord around a        cleat.

It might take  a little time to adjust the folds and get the look you would want for your London Shade. My shades are pulled up about half way up the window to allow light to come in, but also create the look I wanted to achieve.  

Enjoy making your London Shade and Thanks for Reading this Tutorial!


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