Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Family Room Mood Board and Pricing

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday I shared with you all our decision to build instead of renovate and some of our kitchen and exterior decisions, HERE. We started building in the winter in Chicago, so progress has been slow; however, over the past few weeks, with the melting we have made tremendous progress.  Sheetrock installation is not too far away, so once that is put up I will share pictures of the layout.  The builders estimate we will in the home at the end of June.  I am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for a mild Spring, as the cold weather seems to slow things down just a tad.
Naturally, I have spent a fair amount of time mulling over the layout of the family room and thinking of the general aesthetic.  Our current furniture is looking dull and overused so will be put in the basement soon after we move.  I suppose I might need to continue to use the  current furniture for awhile to assess the budget after the home is built:)
By putting together this wishlist, at least I am able to get an idea of expense and the dollar amount to put aside.  Outlined below are my choices with current expense.

                                 Sources and Pricing

1. Pressed Botanical Prints                         $300.00                  3. Pillows             $25.00 (DIY project)
2.Belgian Track Arm Slipcovered Sofa       $2500.00                   4.Accent table       $149.00
5.Indoor/outdoor Rug                                  $80.00                  6.Ottoman             Currently Own
7.Bamboo Shades                                        $200.00                 8.Linen Window Treatments   DIY
9.Console Table                                          $500.00                10.Leather chair       $1015

Grand Total ~ $5000.00

The design and elements of the mood board will fit our home perfectly,both aesthetically and functionally. I did splurge on my seating choices since I do feel that quality seating is a must. Now that I have penned the price and brought together all the elements in one post, hopefully I can get my husband on board:)

Thanks for reading along today.  Enjoy the rest of your day!


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