Friday, October 4, 2013

Fall Decorating and a Linen Pumpkin Project

Hello All,

This week was great, you know the kind of week where you get much accomplished.  There were a couple of rainy days, days that kept my youngest and myself indoors.  A perfect opportunity to take out a few fall decorations and finish up the Halloween decor.  Admittedly,  I don't decorate much for the  fall or Halloween since  I  am not a big fan of taking it all down once the season is done to put more decorations out for Christmas.  I continue to see so many wonderful fall/Halloween vignettes on lovely blogs  and wish I had the energy to compile my own.
  So the  pictures below basically sums up  my fall decorating with a fall / halloween vignette  in our foyer and a simple table setting for a casual or Thanksgiving dinner {in my next post}.  Of course, I could not finish up this week without a small craft project with linen scraps perfect for my small, fall vignette.
 Personally I like the idea of combining Fall Decorating with Halloween.  The lamps are draped with cotton Spider Webs and a couple of white pumpkins with acorns are perched on glass candlestick holders.  The  fabric pumpkin to the right was a quick craft project I sewed and glued to add to the vignette.  Also see the Halloween mantel for a little more Halloween/fall decorating inspiration.

On the right of the vignette is my craft project I completed this week. I love all the fabric pumpkin projects I see all over pinterest and recently noticed Pottery Barn displaying their fabric/burlap pumpkin. The use of linen/burlap or velvet on pumpkins adds a great texture and interest, so fitting for a modern rustic home.

Here is the step-by-step tutorial~

1.) glue gun for attaching the ruffles to the pumpkin.  I used mod podge to attach the linen strips to the orange pumpkin.
2.)cotton for embellishment
3.)small plastic pumpkin
4.)linen.  I used two different types of linen~ one with a little more texture.

I roughly cut out strips with left over fabric remnants from previous projects.  See these here and here.

After the strips are glued to the pumpkin hot glue the ruffles to the base. Below are the dimensions I used for the slub linen and also tips on gathering fabric.
Below is the completed pumpkin with some pretty frilly details.

Another fun fabric project with the use of linen, perfect for fall.
Thanks for reading and have a lovely fall weekend!


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