Monday, March 14, 2016

A Slipcover for a Tired and Worn Ottoman

Hi All,

How are you?  All is well here!  Our family is finally recovered from a yucky virus that lingered in our home for a good couple of weeks.  Happy to report now, the virus is gone and warm weather approaching.

I have a tired and worn ottoman in our basement desperately in need of a makeover.  I should donate or toss, but I felt the need to slipcover in the hopes of bringing our family room to design completion on a budget.  I do love the look of slipcovers on chairs and ottomans.  I think it creates a comfortable and elegant look in a family room, bedroom, sitting room and I especially love that the most slipcovers can be dry-cleaned or washed.  I usually slipcover with linen for that very reason.  It is very durable and has  great texture  perfect for our family room.  I have read that some homeowners order 2 slipcovers for a couch or chair so as to rotate and also give a different look depending on season..what a great idea!   My inspiration for slipcovers come from several sources, below are some pictures  to give you an idea of the look I love so much. Aren't those  ruffled slipcovers so pretty?

3.)  2.)  1.)

1.)Amy Morris Design 2.) Home Bunch Blog

So now a look of what I have and how this ottoman was transformed with slipcovers.  I used linen, chocolate brown and a beautiful steel blue.  The rug has touches of this blue which I carry throughout the living space.  Behind the camera is a sitting room, neutrals mostly, but the pillows have this pretty blue color.  I am thinking of sewing panels for the sitting room in this color, but still on the fence since bright colors tend to loose there appeal for me over time.  So what do you think of slipcovering an ottoman and would you slipcover without the gathers?  

Thanks for reading this blog and following along with me.  Have a wonderful week, until next time.


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  1. Lovely!! I too love did such a nice job!! Love the touch of blue....very pretty...