Friday, February 5, 2016

Creating Privacy for the Sliding Doors Plus One More

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 I hope you are having a great week so far.   Busy week here with the usual kiddo activity and one parent traveling. We are slowly making progress with the home and finishing up details such as backsplash and paint.   Hopefully, we will have a final decision on the that soon.

Between backsplash decisions I visited one of my favorite fabric retailers, Loomcraft.  Luckily, they still had the same fabric I used for the London Shade post, Visit here if you would like to see that tutorial.  I wanted to create a privacy for our sliding doors in the breakfast area, but since it is on the same wall as the london shade windows I opted not to use vertical blinds but follow the same fabric throughout the room.  I thought simple panels on rings that I could close would be perfect for the doors.  But since they would be functioning treatments I would need ample fabric to cover the area in order for the treatments to look full once closed.

I personally like simple treatments without  too much trim and fuss.  I like treatments just to accentuate a window rather than create a focal point.  I also like treatments to be just touching the ground by about half an inch.  I think this combination creates a room that is inviting, cozy and more put together.  I think for me, I  dislike looking at a black window at night which is generally why I feel every window needs something.

I also sewed these sweet simple cafe curtains in a day.  So easy to do and just adds that extra custom touch to a casual, neutral kitchen.

I'm looking forward to adding the backsplash soon.  So stay tuned for the updated kitchen next time.

Here are also some pretty pictures I recently saw on the web.  Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend.

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Image 1-Jeffery Alan Marks,  Image 2-Atlanta Homes, Image 3-anonymous

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