Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Polka Dots on the Walls

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Almost Christmas and we are in countdown mode in our home.  I have been in the kitchen a little,  preparing sweet treats as gifts, celebrating at a few holiday related activities, but other than that had a restful weekend.  We will be traveling this holiday weekend to South Carolina, visiting relatives and celebrating Christmas with them.  It will be a joyous time and wonderfully exciting for the girls.

Before we wrap up this year and begin a new, I wanted to share with you a polka dot wall "makeover"  This project required a little time to complete, but was an easy application.  After a little  research, I found  the best method to create a polka dot, or bubbles on the wall, so aptly named by my daughter.

Below are the supplies needed to create your polka dot wall.

1.  Stencil Paper, can be purchased at any craft store  2.  Exacto Knife, also at your local craft store 3.  Compass or a bowl of varying sizes to trace around

After tracing your circular shapes on the stencil paper cut your shapes with the exacto knife.  On my stencil paper I traced 4  differing circular shapes.  I picked 2 different paint, light blue and light green, per kiddo request.

Using painters tape I taped the stencil paper on the wall and chose the the color for each circle. Make sure that is consistent to avoid mixing paints. As an aside, the stencil paper should be laid out for a few days to straighten out, maybe weigh down the edges.  This step will make your application of polka dots that much easier.

To create a little asymmetry I changed the direction of the stencil paper and layered circles on top of each other.  Make sure your paint is dry before taping the stencil paper over previously painted circles.

To paint the circles, I applied a small amount of paint on my brush, too much paint on the brush, and the excess will seep underneath the shape.  I brushed from the outside of the circle toward the middle, as shown below.

See Easy Peasy!  A fun and easy way to create a little whimsy in your kiddos rooms, playrooms ect.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays Everyone! I hope it is a blessed time for you.

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