Tuesday, September 3, 2013

My Tips for Creating a Vignette

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Wouldn't you agree vignettes, or groupings make a room or space look more polished.  A well styled vignette on a dresser, table in a foyer or an occasional table adds a beautiful decorative touch and brings the look of a room together.  You can add books, photos, flowers , vases, art to create a mood in your home. Here are a few tips I use in my home~

1~Create a vignette around a light source, especially in a foyer.  I like tall lamps on either side of a dresser for symmetry, especially in a formal space. I don't think two lamps are necessary in less formal spaces.

2~Use color in a few objects that is coordinated with the general color scheme of the room.  I used a distressed red box, since I do have a few objects in  my home with red accents.

3~Vary the height of your interesting objects on the table.  On my table I have two 32 inch tall lamps and the rest of the objects vary in size and height on the dresser.  I generally use books as part of a vignette to add interest and also height to smaller objects.

4~Create Balance and Depth.  By that I mean don't place all your objects in a straight line without any thought.  A great way to add depth is lean a piece of artwork against a wall and with balance, group objects in threes. This odd rule of numbers is visually appealing especially with the use of a tray to keep your objects looking organized.

5~Try to include fresh flowers, topiaries, something green to your design.

Those are my tips for creating a pretty vignette.  What are some of yours?  Do tell, please.

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  1. I agree with all your tips!

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    1. thanks Rita. have a great rest of your day.