Saturday, August 10, 2013

Guest Bedroom Projects

Hi Everyone,

We use this room as a guest bedroom in our home, although, I think it was intended to be an exercise room or craft room by the builder.  Admittedly, I have struggled to decorate this space over the past couple of years, I think because of the size and we tend to put toys in here for the girls.  I will spare you the pink clutter and just show the bed for now.  Of course, there are several DIY projects here.  The most recent being the pillows on the bed.   The end tables I purchased about 15 years ago from a consignment store and really haven't done much with them.  I guess I just like them the way they are, for now, at least.  The pictures on the left are prints I took from an old Modern History book.  The colors in the prints were perfect for the room and well, inexpensive.  So here are a few pics for you.  Maybe you will take away a few ideas for your home. 

A closeup of the DIY Prints and the pillows

This summer we picked up from the beach a fun memento, driftwood, which I hang above the bed. It adds to the modern rustic feel in the room, I think.

Here is a closeup of the pillows on the bed with a pretty decorative stitch around the perimeter. I love the shades of green in the thread~I think it pulls in all the shades of green around the room.

Hopefully, I will have the slipcover completed in a few days to show on the blog.   I hope you are all having a great weekend and thanks for reading.



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  1. Love this! Thanks for the inspiration. I think the simplicity of a guest bedroom makes the guests feel calm. I'm trying to create that feel in my guest bedroom as well. Did you use paint to write "be our guest" on the pillow? Just curious!