Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Crafting and Reusing an Old Tray

Hi Everyone,

 I have so many accessories I have collected over the years that are just a little dated and need a fresh look. One of these pieces I had was an old tray from World Market  a dark mahogany, high gloss finish, with plenty of scratches. I did, however like the simple shape and knew it could be put to good use in the home. So a here is quick look of the end product ....

I painted the tray with milk paint and distressed a little around the edges and lastly painted some scrolls for a little interest. I thought to add paper to the base, but  later changed my mind and glued fabric. On the fabric I stenciled a monogram and stitched around the edges...So there you have it... At the moment I am using it as wall art, however it is pretty versatile and I will probably use it to store all sorts of odds and ends, perhaps jewelry or use as a tray for a centerpiece....the possibilities are endless. So sorry for the bad pictures...We haven't seen the sun in so many days and the lighting is so sad, but wanted to show a little of what I have done this week. Hope you week is off to a great start! Spring is coming here and I cannot wait! Thanks also for all your lovely comments on my previous posts, I really love reading all of them.



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