Saturday, December 1, 2012

Sarah Richardson - Everything she touches turns to Gold


I personally adore Sarah Richardson's work.  Her shows on television are equally appealing to me, her cute personality and her side kick Tommy make quite a pair and are fun to watch, but her eye for design is so impressive and unique.  Her use of mixing cherished pricey pieces and finding bargains that need a little TLC create a nice balance in a room and make her rooms appeal livable and doable to the average homeowner.  To me, she is one talented lady.    Here is some of her work.

Thanks for reading this blog and have a lovely weekend.


Pinterest   Pretty red and white color scheme

Beachy look with red and white

Pop of yellow from HOUSE & HOME
Beautiful serene bathroom with old dresser painted white-HOUSE&HOME

Sarah's home at Christmas

Sarah's Lake home  via Pinterest. love the use of blues

Via Pinterest

painted yellow tub, perfect for a country home

great us of fabrics in this dining room HOUSE&HOME

Sarah's signature pillow

Creative us of color.  Turquoise in a dining, somehow it works.

Beautiful Great room. shades of red

Kithchen cabinetry love the extra storage via Pinterest


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