Monday, March 13, 2017

5 Fascinating Timeless Interior Facts

Hi Everyone,

I don't know about you all, but I am always thinking of ways to create a comfortable yet timeless home with interiors.  Let's be honest decorating can be very costly,  so I believe its important to focus your search on items for your home that will stand the test of time.  Sure sprinkling in bits of trends will ultimately give your home a bit more personality, but keeping most of your items classic will give you the biggest bang for your buck.  I think it's important take a look at images from the past and really study them and hopefully apply some of the designers techniques in our modern homes. The below images are all about 20 years old appealing to both traditionalists aswell as minimalists. All these images tend to be-:

1.  Neutral Furniture:  The large pieces of furniture are white or off white with some texture. I believe rugs and couches should be investment pieces.  So buy the best quality you can within your budget. Try to stay away from intricate wood work on large pieces of  seating furniture, clean and simple lines, I believe will have the best staying power.  Try to stay away from huge, oversized chairs  and couches that are so popular now.   Smaller chairs, eg wingbacks will always be a classic along with tufting.

2.) Antiques: Scour the Internet for antique pieces, but also visit estate sales, consignment stores. flea markets.  Look at Craigslist every so often or Ebay.

3.)Neutral Wallcolor: Visit your local paint stores and pick neutral wall colors for most of your rooms.  For smaller more intimate rooms, library or powder room,  choose interesting wallpapers or go bold with paint.  Dark  blues and  moody greens always pair well with neutrals in the taupe or white families.

4.)Moldings: Add character to your home with moldings.  It doesn't need to be fussy, just a bit will add  a little interest especially in living rooms,  dining rooms and master bedrooms.

5.)Finishes: In the kitchen and bathroom try to stay with natural finishes, wood and stone and fabrics,   cotton, silk and  linen.  A guilded mirror is always a nice touch along with simple chandeliers    whether crystal or simple pendants in aged metals.

This image below  I pulled from Traditional Homes 1996
Dan Carithers Design

This Old House

If minimalistic interiors is more your style, take a look at this image from the House & Garden 1996 edition.

Below are more recent images that I believe will have staying power.  The rooms are mostly neutral with small pops of color.  Some trends are carefully layered  in the rooms, but are not overwhelming.  Antiques are in every room, but when paired with a contemporary piece of art or modern accessory they seem to elevate the space.   Take a look below...

Barbara Barry

Barbara Barry

Ginger Barber

Axel Vervoordt- An icon!

Roger Higgin and Ann Shipp

Tammy Conner

Stripes are timeless

Tammy Conner
In summary, I plan to keep my home mostly neutral, splurging on a few keys items of furniture and layering with trends to add interest.  Most of the furniture will have simple lines and not too taste specific to have the greatest lasting power.  How about you, do you have any other thoughts on creating timeless design?

Hope you all have a wonderful week.  Thanks for making me a small part of your day.

 On a side note...I was able to finish one of my daughter's bedroom this past week.  Painting the ceiling was difficult and tiring, but it is so pretty in person.


  1. Love these 5 facts and the beautiful pictures! I am a huge fan of traditional design, so I agree with all of it!

    1. Elizabeth, thank you for your comment. I seen some of your work and do agree we share a similar taste. Also we just moved from Chicago a few months ago. Great city!