Sunday, April 6, 2014

Mitered Corner Placemats for an Easter Gathering

Hi Everyone,

Difficult to believe Easter is just around the corner and a time for family gatherings and new beginnings. Thankfully the days are a little warmer...I now just can't wait to see the first buds and a little more greenery. The fabric for the below project reminded me of spring, pretty pastel colors and a opportunity for me to put away those warm winter fabric colors. So let's sew these super easy placemats for your kitchen table or dining room and welcome Spring to your family and friends gatherings.

Step 1-  

For measurement purposes I used an old placement previously purchased.  According  to those measurements my rectangular piece measured 12.5 inches X 22 inches.  Two of the  mitered corner trim pieces are 18 inches long and 2 inches wide  and the other two pieces are 26 inches long X 2 inches wide.  All excess fabric will be trimmed so I made sure to have plenty of fabric to work.

Step 2-

Press and steam the raw edge of the trim 5/8 of an inch as pictured below.

Step 3-
Open up one of the raw edges of the trim and carefully line up with the rectangular piece.  Pin in place.  Sew accurately along the pressed edge leaving 2 inches unstitched on all sides of the placemat.

Step 3-   Pictured below are my placemats with  stitching 2 inches away from the corners and also a penciled diagonal line from the point where the two trim pieces meet to the corner of the cream rectangular piece. Pin the 2 trim pieces together. It is important to be as accurate as possible so your mitered corner looks neat and professional.

  Step 4- Stitch along the pencil line.

Step 5-  Now snip away the excess fabric

Step 6 - Now stitch the 2 inch opening closed as close to the trim edge as possible.

Step 7-  Unfold the trim and press and steam to the right side of fabric.

Step 8-  Top stitch around the edge.  Viola` completed placemat for those Spring Gatherings:)

Happy April my friends and thanks for reading today.  I hope you all find inspiration.


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