Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Holiday and Halloween Bunting Project

Hi everyone,

I feel it in the air..cooler mornings and cooler evenings.  I love the fall, especially after a long hot summer, I look forward to snuggling on the couch, under a blanket and drinking hot chocolate.
We  are also seeing the leaves falling off the trees, the signs of Fall and also a time of excitment for my daughter who exclaims almost every morning "how many more days til my birthday now?"  Her birthday falls a few days shy of Halloween and as you can imagine it is such a fun time in our household. We started preparing for her birthday and we are thinking we will host in our home this year.  I tell ya, it was a tough decision.  The thought of 15 or so little girls running around and trying to entertain can be a little daunting, but I figure, if I plan some fun games and hopefully have a few activities outdoors it will turn out just fine.  We usually mix in Halloween themed activities for her birthday and well this year there will be no exception.
So in preparation for her party and the ensuing holidays I put together this bunting project.  I started with scraps from my previous post, Slipcovering An Old Worn Chair and cut out Triangles, 14 to be exact. 

I used Black Acrylic Paint and carefully stenciled "Happy Halloween" in several fonts to keep it fun and attached the linen scraps with cotton. I wrapped a narrow strip of fabric around the cotton and stitched as close to the cotton as possible so there would be no movement {another idea for a no sew project is possibly using mini paper clips to bind the fabric to the cotton.}

I added branches from the backyard and we painted them black for another spooky element along with cutouts from black cardstock found at Joann.

Sorry, another view of the different fonts.

But wait, before you click away...This Halloween Bunting Project is reversible just in time for Thanksgiving. No need to change out Bunting Projects or put away your hard work just yet.  Just turn your fabric on the opposite side, being sure to keep in mind stenciling the first letter "h" in "Happy Turkey Day" starts on the "n" in "Happy Halloween"  Confused yet, sorry I couldn't seem to word this more clearly:)


Have a Fabulous Day and Thanks for reading my Friends.


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  1. It looks wonderful, Sarah! Good luck with the party. It sounds like you have a very good start.