Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Linen Slipcover for an Old Chair

Hi Everyone,

*I apologize for the "Valentines Post" that was erroneously sent this morning.  I cannot explain, either my error or google.  Either way it is far to early for Valentine Posts.*

I may have hinted at a slipcover for my worn chair several weeks ago.  I had  completed the ruffled ottoman, but several other easier projects had taken precedence.  Well, now I can finally say the chair looks, I think fabulous.  The old chair had several "fittings" lots of ripping out thread and starting over, but it was well worth it, the best part being, a mere  one hundred dollar makeover with a gorgeous slub linen fabric.  I did learn alot from this project, which I will be sure to fill you  in on later, but at this point I wanted to show you all the finished product.  I opted to use no piping for this slipcover, but I did need to reinforce my stitches with a decorative Zig-Zag pictured below. (See the other slipcover project~that one had piping).  I guess I wanted the Restoration Hardware look for the chair and ottoman~Look below for a picture of their product.  The fabric may not be the most practical.  I guess I am not sure how well it will wear and obviously it is not a slipcover I can throw in the wash and put back on the chair...So Dry Cleaning may be the way to go although I could probably just dab with a wet cloth and coat the fabric with a stain resistant spray.

The arm of the chair was probably the most challenging to slipcover and fit perfectly. I just could not get the correct curve of the arm.  I must of tried least two times, before I sewed a decent curve.  Slipcovers, my friends are time consuming.  

Below is a picture of the arm detail with the  decorative stitch, that really serves more as a binder than a pretty detail.

My home looks nothing like Restoration Hardware.  We really don't have much industrial elements to our home and I do like a little color splashed here and there.  I do, however, love the linen fabrics and tufted furniture they offer.   It looks very comfortable, inviting and casual, don't you think?
It was this comfortable, neutral look that I wanted for our chair and  I think I achieved it.
This was  my small pile of linen scraps.  I think I might need to use them for my next bunting project.

Thanks, my friends for reading this blog today and following along.  Have a fabulous rest of the weekend.