Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Pressed Flower Artwork

Hi everyone,

I love pressed flower artwork seen in high-end stores.  Especially a large grouping in the same frames with a tag describing the plant or flower pictured.  I am sure there is an elaborate method used to press flowers and frame, but today I am going to show you my knock-off version.  Here is a picture of the end product with identical frames, matting and similar plants and flowers~ all to create a cohesive look with a big impact.

Below is another example~

Admittedly, I did press these flowers for several months between wax paper in a heavy book with a weight, but I would say there are several posts I have seen around the blogosphere that suggest you put the flowers in the microwave to dry and press for a day or two and the same effect can be achieved. I am definitely planning on trying that DIY. 

  Step 1~
The Supplies pictured below.
  Just a note, I purchased  four sheets of quality stationary paper from the craft store with a bit of texture in an off-white.

Step 2~I wrapped the paper around the canvas cutting on a diagonal on each edge and glued each side down with Mod Podge.

Step 3~ I dabbed a bit Mod Podge to secure the flower/plant to the canvas.

Step 4~ Secure the canvas and frame.

I tagged in the corner on each where I found them, since I had no idea the name of the flower, or the  genus/species (often labeled on the pricier versions).

Four frames together is a perfect spot for a large open wall.

I hope you are all inspired to complete an easy, pretty project for a wall in your home.

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  1. Hi Sarah,
    This looks easy and doable. And we all have access to plants and botanicals. Thanks for sharing this project. I love how you've hung your four - nice and tight!

    1. Thanks Loi for the comment! Absolutely very doable for anyone interested. Have a great rest of the week.

  2. Great idea. I want to do this and like the idea of using a pretty paper to wrap the canvas. Pinning this one, for sure. Thanks!

    1. Thanks Jennifer! Have a great rest of the weekend.