Saturday, January 26, 2013

Age Appropriate Chores


My two oldest girls attend a Montessori school in our area and have from an early age been introduced to age appropriate chores or activities in an effort to increase the kiddos independence and self confidence. In the preschool they wash dishes, clean tables, make their snack, for example spreading jelly on a sandwich.  The little ones tend do a fabulous job in all the areas and if there are messes they are instructed to clean up after themselves, whether it be water on the floor or jelly on the table.  Adults instruct and show them the task and the kiddos are gently asked to finish.  I love the philosophy Maria Montessori  wrote about so many years ago and so thankful we have an increasing amount of schools in the US that teaches her core philosophy. 

So we have taken her philosophy and brought it home~the girls do some chores around the house every week or so.  They do get compensated for them, which has been such a great motivator for them~my oldest can't wait to purchase more American Girl accessories.  So here is a list of some chores we do around here..

My oldest chopped up the Green Beans

Emptying the small trash cans

Washing and Rinsing the dishes

My 5 and 6 year old have learned to make one recipe~Banana Bread

Sorting Laundry

Some other chores we do include~

Reading to younger siblings
Helping with dusting
Making Lunches for School
So what are some chores you do with your little ones..Do tell please.

Thanks for reading and Happy Weekend


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